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Gold Coast Morib Resort Introduction

About Gold Coast Morib Resort

The Gold Coast Morib Resort development project has combined leisure, entertainment and holiday into its one and only sea view beach in the Selangor, Klang Valley region. It enjoys the most outstanding geographical location along the beach of Morib, with golden sand blue sky and sea, providing you with the most exquisite and satisfying moments both at sunrise and sunset.

You get a panoramic view of the limitless blue sea as soon as you open your vacation hotel styled condominium and you get to enjoy the cool, comfortable and refreshing sea breeze.

The are a total of 686 units of condominium housed within a 3-9 storeys terrace - shaped building in the Gold Coast Morib Resort, facing the Straits of Malacca. Of these, 108 units are guest rooms of international standards in a four - star hotel with entertainment centres.

Upon completion, the Gold Coast Morib Resort is to become the most outstand-ing holiday resort and recreation centre in Malaysia. The co-operation between local and overseas record companies gave rise to the erection of the seaside performance stage of international standard where local and international artistes perform every weekend. These artistes will leave their footprints on the sandy beach measures some 1,000 metres. Other events include beauty pageants and singing contests.

Cooperation between Gold Coast Morib Resort and tour organizations from overseas and other states and the joint events with business activities including the FGS Dong Zen Temple, the famous Beggar Chicken, golf couse, 20 fishing boats, the dragon fruit plantation, the mini bird park and BOH tea plantation, will bring about development in tourism in the area. The holiday resort hotel is fully equipped with its sea water swimming pool, water scooters, yachts and skying activities, while the club in the hotel provides entertainment for ladies and children, An Internation Art Gallery, Cafe Pub, Karaoke and games room. There is an international conference room capable of housing 100-2500 guests and a restaurant consisting of 250 tables, Chinese, Western and Japanese restaurants and shopping mall, all for your convenience.


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